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Unlock your potential and become a role model.

Life Coaching for personal growth and success.


Evolve with the Role Model Academy in the way you...


Deep self Improvement into the pathways of mind helping you become enlightened, resilient and full of confidence and passion for life.


Revolutionize your habits, behavior and goals for a stress free path to personal growth and happiness.


 Re-framing your perspective on your self-image with adopting new ways to see, feel and truly love yourself from the inside out.



The Role Model Academy is a life coaching practice that uses spiritual neuro-linguistic programming to deliver the most inspirational, natural, and empowering life coaching process to create the best possible results to help you step into your true self.

At the Role Model Academy, we believe that one's environment plays a massive role in who they become. That is why we have created a stunning academy located in Leicester, UK, where our clients can come and experience the V.I.P treatment.

Our mission is to deeply understand the unique needs of our clients to help empower them to transcend their limitations and unleash greater potential to reach higher levels of happiness, success and life fulfillment.

Our inspiring programs are centered around solution-based coaching, aimed at cultivating new perspectives and fostering paradigm shifts within the minds of our clients. By challenging existing beliefs, we empower individuals to develop role model behaviors that drive personal growth and success. 

Embark on a journey with us...


An empowering life coaching journey to help you evolve in the way you think,act and look.


Enhance your teams overall performance with The Dream Team Workshop


The Role Model Awards ceremony highlighs the best Role Models from around the world.

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The Life Coaching Gateway

Do you want to become a global life coach?

Would you like to earn an uncapped income and go on a journey to enhance the lives of others, as well as have the freedom to travel the world and live in your purpose on your own terms? 

At the Role Model Academy, we have created a global empire by understanding how to position ourselves within the life coaching industry. 

Now for the exciting part, Role Model Academy has created           “ The life coaching gateway” a great read to gain optimum results giving you the keys to unlock valuable life coaching knowledge and techniques to stand out from the crowd and find the perfect niche suited to you.


What you waiting for come on let's change lives!!


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I learned Self-awareness and to see my blind spots and build my confidence, and encouraged me to put myself out there and be part of the influencers who are uplifting the world.

I also learned how to build new relationships and attended the role model awards event. It was also very inspiring to see so many wonderful people creating a change in humanity. My family attended with me and they really enjoyed the event, made some new friends as well as spoke with those who have overcome difficult challenges.

- Natalie Lawrence

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